Web Development

Website Development and Bespoke Programming

Sometimes  you need more than just a website, your business or web project may require development to produce enhanced functionality such as user authentication, file uploads, downloads, custom content delivery or online sales.

We have an experienced team of developers with extensive experience in all different areas of web development – from UI (user interface) design to API (application program interface) to Web Services and bespoke custom development at any level.

Hotel website with online availability

Here are just a few of the different projects, modules and interfaces that we have developed:

  • User Authentication
  • User Two Factor Authentication
  • SMS and Mobile Text Messaging
  • Email Notification
  • File Uploads and Downloads
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Hotel Online Availability
  • Online Subscription System
  • Online Ticket Sales
  • Calendar for Public & Private Appointments
  • Online Transactions and Sales
  • Bespoke Import Tools
  • Bespoke Export Tools
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Online Queuing Systems
  • Online Competitions
  • Online Ranking and Sorting

Website Development for Schools

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